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2.3 Looking up a word in a definition window

When you are viewing a definition, you may want to see the meanings of the words within it. Underlined words and phrases are specifically designed as links for you to use. However, you can look up any word you like and even select parts of words to look up.

Lookup is used so often that double-clicking on a word will automatically take you to its definition. If the word is part of an underlined phrase, the whole phrase will be looked up.

If you are keyboard user, the equivalent action is to position the cursor (the flashing vertical line) within the word using the arrow keys; then do Ctrl+Enter (pressing the Enter or return key with the Ctrl key held down).

At the end of the previous step, the definition window was showing the fourth meaning of pedigree:

Step 3 initial image

We'll now look up the meanings of proof, which appears in the middle of the definition. Either do this by double-clicking on the word, or by moving the cursor (the flashing vertical line) within it and doing Ctrl+Enter. You should see the definition change to show the first meaning of proof:

Step 3 intermediate image

Note that TEA automatically highlights the word you look up, wherever it appears in the definition. The default color for highlighting is red. You can change the definition colors and fonts by using the Tools|Options... command, clicking on the Appearance tab and adjusting the settings in the Definition Windows section.

In the next step, we'll learn how to look up parts of words, and phrases.

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