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2.4 Looking up selected text in a definition window

The lookup method described in Step 3 works fine for complete words or underlined phrases. If you want to look up part of a word, or a phrase that isn't underlined, you must first indicate the text to be looked up by selecting it.

You can select text using the mouse or the keyboard:

At the end of the previous step, the definition window was showing the first meaning of proof:

Step 4 initial image

Suppose you wanted to look up the word actual (as opposed to factual). Because it is not a complete word, you have to select it first:

Step 4 intermediate image

Using either the keyboard or mouse technique, select actual. Make sure the f of factual isn't selected. When you have the correct selection, the definition window should appear as above.

To look up this word, you can either click on the Lookup button button or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter. You should see the definition change to show the first meaning of actual:

Step 4 final image

In the next step, we'll learn how to do a web search from the definition window.

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