Crossword Wordplay Wizard

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Wordplay Wizard helps you compile cryptic crosswords by listing all the ways you can clue an answer. Compilers of cryptics can use it to save time and discover original ideas for cluing treatments. It's also ideal for cryptic cluing competitions.

Wordplay Wizard shows all the commonly used treatments such as anagrams and charades, in a notation you can use alongside the solution. Results are listed in an order of priority so you can see the most promising options straight away. Clicking on an abbreviation or notation character links you to comprehensive lists of cryptic indicators.

Like to try before you buy? No problem: visit the Download Wordplay Wizard page to download and install a trial version of Wordplay Wizard. When you are ready to buy the product, click on the Buy Now button or visit the Buy Wordplay Wizard page for all the purchase options.

For further information about this Windows software, see the feature list. If you are a compiler and need a more comprehensive package for cryptics try Sympathy Crossword Construction, which integrates Wordplay Wizard with grid filling and clue editing functions.

Version: 1.1
System requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Windows NT4

Wordplay Wizard Features

Wordplay Types

Wordplay Wizard finds the following wordplay types commonly used in cryptic clues:

Type Example Wordplay For Answer
Single-word Anagram carthorse orchestra
Multi-word Anagram at the farm aftermath
Reversal reward drawer
Charade man + get + out mangetout
Container and Contents nit in moor monitor
Head Deletion (p)regnant regnant
Middle Deletion sho(t)gun shogun
Tail Deletion pries(t) pries
Ends Deletion (m)agent(a) agent
Alternate Letters r(e)i(n)d(e)e(r) ride
Substitution leverage with B for L beverage
Partial Anagram B + anagram of dominant badminton
Contained Anagram anagram of arsenic in SS scariness
Augmented Anagram anagram of upstrea(m) pasture

Indicator Lists

Wordplay Wizard includes comprehensive lists of cryptic indicators, with guidance on their usage (geographical and in across/down clues):

  • 20 Charade Indicators
  • 50 Reversal Indicators
  • 80 Container and Contents Indicators
  • 430 Anagram Indicators
  • 2500 Abbreviation Indicators

Result Lists

Wordplay Wizard has many features that help you use the results of a search:

  • Results are shown in priority order with the most promising ones at the top
  • Print selected results with optional page preview
  • Copy selected results to the clipboard
  • Lookup words using Internet search engines, dictionaries and encyclopedias

Word Lists

Wordplay Wizard includes two word lists as standard to which you can add your own:

  • Core English list contains the 60,000 most common words
  • Edited English contains 250,000 words and phrases
  • Add your own word lists using the Word List Merge and Dictionary Builder tools